Emergency Cell Charger

Emergency_Cell_Charger_From Spotlight_ApparelEmergency Cell Charger from Spotlight Apparel – This device allows you to charge up in just a few hours when AC power is not available. That means more battery life for your phone in case of an emergency and more listening time on your MP3 or MP4 player.

We’ve all been there! Your phone always dies at the worst time. Have you noticed that the more you use your phone the faster it dies? How about your MP3 or MP4 player? A lot of people carry both. Well now you can alleviate this problem for your consumers while promoting your business at the same time with the Emergency Cell Charger from Spotlight Apparel, Jacksonville Florida.

Get Noticed With Promotional Items That People Really Use

This promo item is something that can be used in everyday life but unlike a stress ball or refrigerator magnet it is mobile. From college students to co-workers, babysitters to Fortune 500 executives, anyone that has a portable device is likely to see your logo on this custom electronic giveaway. The best thing about the emergency cell charger is that it is mobile and there is no better way to maximize your exposure than through mobility. An emergency cell charger is probably the last thing anyone would think of receiving, but who would pass it up? This shows your client/customer that you are current with today’s technology. It is important to keep your company’s promotion simple and yet be relatable.

Give Your Technology Promotional Giveaways a Facelift

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your current promotional products? Customer’s needs are constantly changing. Technology is updated daily and although there is almost no way to keep pace with the rate of change in terms of technology, we strive to provide advertising products that are compatible with the latest technology. The Emergency Cell Charger is a great giveaway!

Emergency Cell Charger Details

The Emergency Cell Charger provides emergency power for your cell phone powered by one AA battery; the emergency cell charger can charge almost all smart phones* (Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Android) and can charge most MP3/MP4 players. It is however not compatible with iPhones or iPods. *Adapters are not guaranteed to fit every cell phone style.

Choose an Experienced Company for Promotional Products

Are your promotional products keeping pace with an ever changing market? Do you see this as an opportunity to expand promotional services within your own company? Spotlight Apparel has been in business for over 35 years and has the experience and knowledge to help you help you make the best product choice for your next promotional giveaway. Be sure to contact Spotlight Apparel, Inc. of Jacksonville Florida for your next promotional campaign.

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