Marketing Guide to the Top 5 Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Giveaways From Spotlight ApparelIt is clear that promotional giveaways possess no small impact if you’re looking for the easiest way to advertise your business or organization to people.

Spotlight Apparel can customize virtually any of our promotional products with an organizations name or logo. From Coffee Mugs to Calendars and everything in between, we have your business’ promotional needs covered. All of our digitizing & artwork is professionally designed by our In-House Art Department allowing us to create the perfect design for you.

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Top 5 Promotional Giveaways

1. Bags

Totes have the highest belief average per unit at 5,983 opinions each. This number is significantly higher than that of composing instruments–number two. Totes are used to work also to carry belongings on the bus, to the shore. Ultimately, men and women for carrying everything from their lunches to their own sons’ and daughters’ diapers us totes. There’s no weather limitation concerning when bags can be taken. 53 percent of the people who receive a free bag feel less unfavorable about the advertiser who gave it to them according to the Advertising Specialty Institute.

2. Writing Instruments

Pencils really are a favored giveaway for all reasons. They are utilized continuously, even at the site that is giving them away. They’re modest. Their size means they’re uncomplicated to carry around. And pens often move through accidental acquisition from one person to another. How many times have you walked off using a pen from eatery or a buddy’s house? Pencils are taken so frequently that banks, post offices and grocery stores put them on a chain to keep them within the building. Many Americans never buy a pen because they get so many free ones. Giveaway pencils get an average of 3,134 impressions each.

3. Caps

Caps are an American trend, worn by women and men equally for multiple purposes. They’re worn year-round except for in the most inclement weather, making them a good choice in virtually any climate. Another attribute of giveaway caps is the fact that they are multi-generational. Individuals of all ages from kids to senior adults love to wear them. These factors fire at giveaway caps to the 3rd area in the very best in average impressions. One cap will showcase your logo an average of 2,999 times.

4. Outerwear

Outerwear giveaways include jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts and hoodies. These are often given at restaurants, trade show booths or summer occasions in promotional drawings. Similar to t-shirts, outerwear attire is worn offering your business’s message to the public an average of 2,288 times per item. If you give away merely a couple of pieces a year since clothing has a long term wear cycle, the feelings multiply exponentially.

5. Logo T Shirts

There is not any question that Americans love to wear t-shirts with their preferred businesses’ logos to them. Tees are comfort wear when people go out and that they use in the weekends. Since t shirts are worn around plenty of individuals, your advertising gets play. The Advertising Specialty Institute states that t shirts get seen an average for each one given away.

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Reasons to Use Logo Embroidered Shirts to Promote Your Company


Logo embroidered shirts are an ideal way to promote your company. The embroidered polo shirt is one of the most common pieces of apparel used to promote a company or organization. Without question, there are many reasons to use them.

There are certainly other pieces of apparel and items that can be used for custom logo embroidery. Embroidered polo shirts are by far and away the most popular.

Everyone wears them. We all have a number of embroidered shirts in our closet. Custom logo embroidered shirts look good both on men and women. Some of the factors that make them so universal are that they are comfortable and fit most all body shapes well. They can be worn as a uniform, as a casual outfit or dressed up for a more formal affair.

What is it that makes logo embroidered shirts so important?

1. Polo or Golf Shirts Are Universal

Tens of millions of polo shirts are sold annually in the United States-to both men and women. How many are in your closet right now? Needless to say, they have been a very popular style for decades and will most likely remain popular for years to come. Without question, embroidered shirts are very universal.  One of the best reasons to use logo embroidered shirts is to promote your company.

2. Embroidered Polo Shirts Last

We would be willing to bet you have polo shirts you have been wearing for years. We are sure you have polo shirts that are at least 2 or 3 years old that you still wear. They wear very well and can be worn for years if cared for properly.

3. Polo Shirts Are a Versatile Palette For Your Logo

Custom embroidered polo shirts come in a multitude of colors, styles and materials. The advancement in fiber technology means there is a polo shirt that can tackle most any situation. Whether for uniforms, promotions or premiums, a golf or polo shirt can fill your requirements. With color blocking and rapid dry materials, they can be worn in most any situation.

Because of the versatility of polo shirts, you can find a style, color and material that will complement your brand and your company image.

4. Logo Embroidered Shirts Are Great For Company Branding

Logo embroidered shirts and apparel are great tools to bring focus to your company. Our In-House Art Department will work closely with you to ensure the logo embroidered shirts you receive are exactly the custom shirts you envisioned. From every fine line in the lettering and logo to the type of shirt, Spotlight Apparel aims for absolute perfection in every custom embroidered shirt we produce. We know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

In addition, with the number of impressions that shirt will receive over its lifetime, the return on investment is very good for brand building.

When you think about all the people that will see a logo on your shirt as you go about your day-to-day business, that’s a lot of impressions. That is a lot of brand building for a small investment in company apparel. That makes the return on investment very favorable for logo shirts.

As you can see, choosing custom corporate logo apparel to outfit your company is a very smart decision.

Be sure to contact Spotlight Apparel, Inc. of Jacksonville Florida for all your embroidery needs.

Opening a Restaurant

Thinking of opening a restaurant?

opening-a-restaurantThe unfortunate news is, the food is only about 20% of the restaurant success equation. Yes, the food needs to be fabulous. But, you must remember, restaurants are businesses first and foremost and food is merely the product for sale.

After opening a restaurant, you’re going to want to leave your guests feeling welcome and eager to come back. The service and food quality are obvious ways to do this, but giving a little something extra to customers will show them that you really care about them and their business.

Branded Apparel and T Shirts

Whether you’re a small family owned restaurant or a large chain restaurant with multiple locations, there’s no doubt that your brand important. Customer’s love to purchase t shirts and hats with your branded logo. Also don’t forget about custom clothing and accessories for your staff. They give a professional consistent look across your entire brand.

Comfortable and quality are the necessary ingredients for great custom restaurant uniforms, tshirts or hats. Restaurants and hospitality organizations know that when custom restaurant uniforms are done right, they make a great first impression when you are opening a restaurant.

Cups Runneth Over

A couple of essential items to open a restaurant is drinkware and custom printed menus. They should follow your custom theme to get everyone in the team spirit. Items that they can use in the restaurant and then take home will help keep the memories alive. Flyer/buffet kits are great, too when opening a restaurant. Patrons can also use the stadium cups, plates and utensils while there and then bring the flying disc home to the kids

Fun Stuff

Of course, no grand opening promotion would be complete without a whole load of fun giveaways. If your theme is sports related, think mini footballs for wannabe quarterbacks, nuts for the sports nuts, shot glasses on beads, LED badges and, even a hula skirt for your beverage. More expensive items, such as a hard side cooler should also be available to win as a door prize. Like we said, think fun.

Sign Here

In the end, despite all the giveaways on the day you are opening a restaurant, of course you want your customers to pay the check. Give patrons themed pens to sign their bills and also to take away in their purses or jacket pockets. Then, when someone asks them to jot down great eateries, they can use the pens to recommend your restaurant as one of their favorites.

Company Apparel – Why It’s a Smart Investment

3 Reasons Why You Need Company Apparel

1. Pride

In the same way that many of us wear logoed clothing to show pride in our school or team, company apparel similarly expresses that you are proud to be a part of your organization. Branded company apparel communicates pride and confidence to customers, prospects, vendors, and anyone with whom you interact. Just as importantly, it engenders pride among employees: An employee is more likely to feel and demonstrate pride when they see their co workers doing the same.

2. Credibility

In the 21st century, where new companies are launched every day, credibility is as important as ever. For example, if you are meeting with prospective customers who may not be familiar with your company, a company apparel item as simple as a dress shirt, screen printed t-shirt or jacket with your embroidered logo makes your company more real and tangible in their minds. That’s not to say a company shirt is sufficient to establish credibility, but it plays a big part in helping to make an impression.

3. Branding

In the same way that your products, services, and marketing activities shape your company brand, your company apparel can also reinforce the image you want to convey. Whether you are going for “innovative”, “fun”, “dependable”, or “prestigious”, the type of apparel items you choose, and how you embellish them, can compliment your brand messaging. Furthermore, when employees are donned in embroidered company-branded apparel, they are more likely to be aware that they are representing the company and behave in a way that is consistent with the company’s values.

company-apparel-spotlight-apparel-jacksonville-floridaDid you know that putting a logo on company apparel could be so powerful? It’s important to understand the effects that your branded apparel can have, so you will select items that are the best fit for your business.

There are many types of company apparel to choose from, and a variety of ways to embellish them. So, how do you create custom apparel that’s right for you? We can help you choose your new business apparel.

With our Company Apparel and additional Clothing & Accessories, we can help you look good while facing your day. Whether you’re looking for embroidered shirts for your staff or you’re trying to get embroidered jackets for your sports team, it’s easy to get your company or team logo embroidered on our Corporate and Casual apparel.


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Wedding Event Ideas

Wedding Event Ideas – Is someone getting married?


Looking for wedding event  ideas for both the engagement party and the big day? Well, we have some ideas in mind.

Engagement Party

Love is in the air and you will want to give the guests invited to the engagement affair some mementoes, noting the date to look forward to. A decorative ornament can be hung from Christmas trees for years to come. Likewise, a personalized clock makes a nice accessory for desk or home.


The wedding day brings joy and excitement, so start off with fun bride-and-groom hand puppets, which guests can take home to their children. For the cocktail hour, provide cocktail glasses or a wine bottle corkscrew opener, so your guests can try a few different flavored cocktails. Be sure they’re imprinted with the couple’s names and the date for a personal touch that will remind guests of the special day.

Linen napkins with a monogram in metallic gold ink  adds a touch of class. Also personalized coaster from Spotlight Apparel makes a unique wedding favor to be given out at the end of the night. It’s a good idea to have drawstring totes so guests may carry home their party favors in a convenient reusable bag.

Overnight Guests

If you’re expecting out-of-towners who will be overnight guests at the hotel that is also the wedding venue, you’ll want gifts for them as well. Your guests will feel special when they find customized gifts in their rooms.  A personalized wine stopper or bottle opener is a great reminder of the big day that can also be used again and again. Negotiate with the hotel to pay for a portion of a luxury spa gift tote bag that can be imprinted with the couple’s names, wedding date and the hotel information.

Spotlight Apparel offers custom embroidery and screen printing  for a variety of products. These include screen printed t-shirts, hats, sweaters, jackets, bags, pants, blankets, towels, and just about every apparel product that you can think of. Be sure to contact Spotlight Apparel, Inc. for all your screen printing, embroidery and promotional products.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day With Eco Friendly Products

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day With Earth Friendly Products From Spotlight Apparel

Seems like everyone is going green these days and you certainly are no exception. To celebrate your eco-mindedness and let the community know about it, you can host an eco-awareness event.

We just celebrated Earth Day on April 22, but any day is a good day to honor and respect our planet. Of course, you’ll need plenty of giveaways that are “eco-friendly,” so the products not only have eco-friendly material, but also promote activities which keep our Earth green.

These giveaways will also attract attendance and raise awareness.

Pre-Awareness Mailing

First, find a unique item to send to 500 community members beforehand, alerting them to the place, date and time of the event. Biodegradable highlighters, or an eco-friendly memo pad, for example, clearly say “green,” and you can invite the community to grow along with your company and services. You can also send out a press kit made of 100% recyclable material to let the press know you’re planting the seeds of change with your new sustainability practices.


At the event, provide something attendees can carry goodies in, such as a wide array of organic and recyclable totes and duffels.

In The Bag

Such goodies can include “green” items like notepads, a perpetual calendar frame, or eco core golf balls. A solar powered pedometer or Eco Non-Woven Tote, made from 80% recycled post consumer plastic bottles is a unique, premium quality, reusable green product! Don’t just think about the materials items are made from, however. Keep in mind that products that keep batteries or other items out of landfills and protect Mother Earth in other ways might qualify too.

Wear Your Pride

Spotlight Apparel offers custom screen printing for a variety of products. These include screen printed t-shirts, hats, sweaters, jackets, bags, pants, blankets, towels, and just about every apparel product that you can think of. We can print from a 1 to 8 color design with a minimum order of only 12 pieces for a single color print. All of our digitizing & embroidery work is done by our In-House Art Department allowing us to create the perfect design for you.


At the event, be sure to hold a raffle where winners will receive higher-end items. The proceeds can go to local Jacksonville environmental nonprofits, like St. John’s Riverkeeper. Helping a local a environmental nonprofit will create goodwill and send a positive message from you. Raffle participants, too, will feel good about doing their part for a good cause.

So remember to celebrate Earth Day every day!

For more great ideas be sure to contact Spotlight Apparel, Inc. for all your screen printing, embroidery and promotional products.

School Fundraiser Ideas

School Fundraiser Ideas – Some Great Ideas for Fundraising!

School Uniforms Spotlight Apparel Jacksonville FL

Wear it with Pride

Kids and parents alike love showing their school pride with logoed clothing and accessories, such as flip-flops, T-shirts, and lanyards. Sweatshirts with custom embroidery or screen printing  are great items to be worn to big games on chilly nights.

Give Away Greats

Then, of course, there will be giveaway programs, where your school will show appreciation to team fans and speakers at educational sessions. Or your school may want to simply get your name out to the general public, especially in the case of colleges looking to recruit future students. A football sports jug could be the perfect gift for athletic sponsors. Tote bags are ideal for school books, gym clothes and more.

Gift Ideas

Other gift suggestions might include custom Stainless Steel Mug and Coaster Gift Set with your school’s logo and colors. A logoed school briefcase or backpack is the perfect school gift for students and teachers alike!

In Appreciation

A nice picnic or BBQ item is a nice choice to show support for frazzled teachers. No matter the type of promotion – fundraising, recognition, school spirit and more, there are lots of great ideas to help you earn an A.

Inside the School

Food containers to hold snacks or lunch, highlighters or pens, and a notebook might be available for purchase in the cafeteria, as well as logoed lollipops to give to students.

So remember to contact Spotlight Apparel for help with your custom school fundraiser ideas. (904) 398-7900

Team Apparel Ideas

By: Spotlight Apparel, Inc. Jacksonville Florida (904) 398-7900 Team Apparel Ideas -  From Spotlight Apparel Jacksonville Florida

Team Apparel Ideas: How to Create Excitement

Anyone involved in adult or youth athletics – parents, players and supporters – will all need branded team clothing and apparel. With these team apparel ideas, you can create excitement, keep everyone happy and encourage more families to participate in recreational sports with sport-themed branded apparel such as uniforms, caps, t-shirts and jackets with custom embroidery or screen printing.

Sports teams attract a lot of attention from larger local companies like AmeriGas or Harbinger Sign. From jerseys to balls, trophies to snacks, the sponsors’ names will need to appear on everything. Who wouldn't love having a great local sponsor on their team?

But don’t just stop with baseball. There’s a sport going on somewhere all year round; from basketball to soccer, wrestling to gymnastics and don't forget bowling. When planning your sports team athletic uniforms, apparel and promotions, think about items that can be used from start of the season to finish.

Recruiting Players

When signing up players to your club or league, use items like footballs, soccer balls, volley balls, etc., or other sporting equipment that can be used during games as well. Also think of sports themed incentives, such as ball-shaped products and embroidered sports towels.

During the Season

During the season, players and fans will appreciate spirit flags, decals, radios to get them pumped and team pride apparel, such as performance pullovers.

The Awards Banquet

Of course, there’s the awards banquet at the end of the season. Give players something they will wear or display with pride.

For the Fans

Fans, too, will love any item that will keep them comfortable during a big game, such as a portable chair so they have a front-row seat or an embroidered hat to keep the sun out of their eyes so they can have the best view of their favorite all-star.

So remember to contact Spotlight Apparel for help with your custom team apparel ideas. (904) 398-7900